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What's Hot, What's Not at Book Depot

What’s Hot, What’s Not at Book Depot

Bookstore owner: “For this buyers’ job, we need someone who is responsible.”
Applicant: “I’m the one you want. In my last job, every time there was a problem, they said I was responsible.”


Sound like someone you know? Have you ever been the “responsible” buyer for some duds? I’m quite sure we’ve all had our share of purchases that never materialized into profitable sales. Let’s admit it—it can be difficult to select all winners when we have a store or chain of stores to keep fully stocked with great titles that appeal to our customer base. This blog will hopefully help you a bit in discovering what’s hot and what’s not in the world of bargain books.


As one of North America’s largest purchasers of bargain books, we get a huge selection of titles arriving every day. As a point of interest, we are now sorting 400 pallets of bargain books per week! Some of the product that finds its way into our inventory is like pure gold and sells out quickly. At the other end of the spectrum are books that have lost their relevance and salability. These will be quickly separated (often at the point of initial sortation) and recycled into various paper-based products. In between, where the bulk of our inventory falls, are good to great titles that you as a buyer need to sift through and decide what may or may not sell in your store(s).


Based on our last six months of sales and interviews with several of our seasoned sales reps, we have the following information you may find helpful:


What’s Hot:

  • Kids’ titles that have a STEM component (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Kids’ titles with a different format like sound books, lift-the-flap, and box sets
  • Fiction continues to sell very well, and in some cases trade paper outsells hardcover due to the lower price point and less bulky format
  • Political books relating to recent events and certain individuals – any guesses on this one?
  • Inspirational and self-help titles, especially when linked to a well-known individual or celebrity
  • Brick-and-mortar stores do well with kids’ storybooks and board books that don’t necessarily need to be written by a big-name author, but instead have a nice quality about them. Here is where the touch and feel experience makes all the difference
  • Adult colouring books, but a lower price point is key to successful sales
  • Cookbooks that are written by celebrities and/or deal with vegan and gluten-free content


What’s Not so Hot:

  • Generic cookbooks, especially those without rich, colourful content
  • Computer and Internet
  • Education
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Low-end paperback romance


In summary, content that is freely available on the internet tends not to sell well in printed form. Maybe it goes without saying, but high-quality content that is relevant (or timeless), priced well, entertaining, and worth sharing is going to find a customer and enrich their lives.


With over 50,000 current titles in stock, we’ve got a huge selection of great books. Below is a special list of 35 top-selling titles, recommended by our sales staff, for your buying consideration:


Cover ISBN Title Category List Price (USD) Our Price (USD)
Pharaoh - 9780062651754 9780062651754 Pharaoh (A Novel of Ancient Egypt) Fiction $19.99 $2.25
Victoria - 9781250045478 9781250045478 Victoria Fiction $16.99 $3.50
Island of Glass - 9780425280126 9780425280126 Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy, Bk. 3) Fiction $17.00 $2.50
Children of the Fleet - 9780765377043 9780765377043 Children of the Fleet (Fleet School, Bk. 1) Fiction $25.99 $3.75
Everyone Brave is Forgiven - 9781501124389 9781501124389 Everyone Brave is Forgiven Fiction $16.00 $2.25
In Our Time - 9780684822761 9780684822761 In Our Time Fiction $14.00 $3.50
Mind Game - 9781250075857 9781250075857 Mind Game (Eve Duncan) Fiction $27.99 $4.50
You Are Here - 9781250119889 9781250119889 You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds Humor $15.99 $2.50
Victoria - 9780062568892 9780062568892 Victoria: The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen History & Geography $29.99 $5.00
Pogue's Basics: Life - 9781250080431 9781250080431 Pogue’s Basics: Life House & Home $19.99 $3.25
Obsessed - 9781250087256 9781250087256 Obsessed! (Hungry Girl, Clean & Hungry) Cooking, Food & Wine $21.99 $4.50
The How Not to Die Cookbook - 9781250127761 9781250127761 The How Not to Die Cookbook Cooking, Food & Wine $29.99 $6.50
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Dessert Book - 9780894803123 9780894803123 Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book Cooking, Food & Wine $10.95 $2.50
Nevertheless: A Memoir - 9780062409706 9780062409706 Nevertheless: A Memoir Biography & Autobiography $28.99 $3.25
I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love - 9780312553685 9780312553685 I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love Children Fiction $17.99 $3.00
The Night Before First Grade - 9780448437477 9780448437477 The Night Before First Grade Children Fiction $3.99 $1.00
The Crayons' Book of Colors - 9780451534040 9780451534040 The Crayons’ Book of Colors Children Fiction $8.99 $2.25
My Book of Animal Babies - 9781848698611 9781848698611 My Book of Animal Babies Children Fiction $8.95 $2.00
One Rainy Day - 9781848698567 9781848698567 One Rainy Day Children Fiction $8.95 $2.00
Snowflakes and Sparkles Coloring Book - 9781474821483 9781474821483 Snowflakes and Sparkles Coloring Book with Crayons (Disney Frozen) Children Fiction $4.99 $1.00
Hopes and Heroes Coloring Book - 9781474821490 9781474821490 Hopes and Heroes Coloring Book with Crayons (Disney Pixar) Children Fiction $4.99 $1.00
Dare to Dream Paint Palette Book - 9781474821681 9781474821681 Dare to Dream Paint Palette Book (Disney Pixar) Children Fiction $7.99 $2.00
Daniel Tiger's 5-Minute Stories - 9781481492201 9781481492201 Daniel Tiger’s 5-Minute Stories (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) Children Fiction $12.99 $2.75
Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type - 9780689832130 9780689832130 Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type Children Fiction $17.99 $3.00
If Animals Kissed Good Night - 9780374300210 9780374300210 If Animals Kissed Good Night Children Fiction $7.99 $2.00
A New Toy Truck - 9781680520606 9781680520606 A New Toy Truck (Touch & Feel Busy Workshop) Children Fiction $12.99 $3.25
Brave Little Camper - 9781680520743 9781680520743 Brave Little Camper Children Fiction $12.99 $3.25
 First Words Lift-a-Flap Book - 9781680520095 9781680520095 First Words Lift-a-Flap Book (Babies Love) Children Fiction $7.99 $2.00
Let's Cook! (Sesame Street) - 9780544454361 9780544454361 Let’s Cook! (Sesame Street) Children Nonfiction $17.99 $1.50
First 100 Numbers - 9780312522827 9780312522827 First 100 Numbers Children Nonfiction $5.99 $1.50
Way of the Warrior Kid - 9781250151070 9781250151070 Way of the Warrior Kid Tweens Fiction $13.99 $2.50
The Fourteenth Goldfish - 9780375870644 9780375870644 The Fourteenth Goldfish Tweens Fiction $16.99 $3.00
Disney Beauty and the Beast - 9781484789728 9781484789728 Disney Beauty and the Beast (Art of Coloring) Crafts & Hobbies $15.99 $2.00
The Power of I Am - 9780892969982 9780892969982 The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today Religion & Spirituality $14.99 $3.75
The Mind Connection - 9781455517275 9781455517275 The Mind Connection Religion & Spirituality $24.00 $3.75


Bill Van Vliet
Book Depot

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