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Upcoming Projects 2017

At Book Depot, we are always looking for ways to improve your purchasing, browsing and communication experience. Check out the list below which includes some very exciting new features and improvements that we will be working on during 2017! Keep in mind that some projects may be changed or dropped at any time if we run into issues that prevent us from moving forward. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to get updates as to when these are implemented!

Upcoming Book Depot Projects 2017

Wish List (Mass Import) – Currently customers are only able to add one title at a time to their wish list.  This change will allow them to cut and paste multiple titles to their wish list.

Best-Sellers List – We are working to develop a more robust best-sellers section.  Currently we only offer our Top 10 and Top 200.  Some of the new lists will be more targeted to specific categories and also industry types. For example we will have a Independent Retail Book Store best-sellers list that captures titles with the highest transactions from Independent Book Store buyers.

Automated List – We will be providing buyers with the ability to schedule automated lists such as new arrivals or more specifically children’s boardbooks.  They can schedule their preferred lists to be sent to them (daily, weekly, monthly etc.).

My Titles Tab – We will be providing buyers the ability to save templated searches.  For example if your business is in Niagara Falls and you do key word searches to find books pertaining to Niagara Falls and the surrounding area, currently you would have to enter the key word each and every time you want to shop for such titles.  By allowing buyers to save searches as a template all they would have to do is click the link and all titles that are currently in stock that match their keyword will populate.

Now Processing Tab – We will be providing a snapshot of what publisher we will be processing product from so buyers can know when to expect products to hit our inventory from their favorite publishers.  This will allow them to plan their buying better.

Inventory Checker – We will be providing buyers the ability to upload a large list of ISBNs into our system that will show what titles we have in stock.  The results would be provided in the same form as our current website layout just that it would show the specific title they are looking for.

C/S or Sales Rep Email Link – An email link will be provided on the home page that will allow buyers to connect with a Book Depot representative much easier to ask questions, or request further information.

Live Chat – A live chat tool will be provided on our website for yet another quick and easy means of communication for buyers.

Quicker Check-Out Procedure – We will be providing a quicker method to check out to help buyers place orders more efficiently.

ISBN Linking – We will be providing other editions of a title that are available in our inventory.  For example a US version of a title may have a Canadian or UK edition.


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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects 2017

  1. Dave
    I cannot understand on certain books, where you have large quantities 500+++
    that the customer does not have the option of buying case pack. I sure when you buy these books
    that some titles are delivered to u in cases. I deal with several remainder company that offer
    this option.

    1. Scotty,

      Thanks for your message and although at times you are correct about incoming product being case-packed almost always they do not. We’ve attempted to designate such titles but in the end we could not guarantee the customer they would be in cases packs due to how we inventory or more importantly re-inventory our shelf locations. We can provide you case packs when buying large quantities but they will almost always be in a new Book Depot box not the original publisher’s box. I hope my response helps.


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