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The Power of the List - Book Bargain List

The Power of the List

With a whopping bargain book inventory of more than 60,000 different titles, it can be a daunting challenge sifting through all our books to find the titles you are most interested in. Fortunately for our sales team, computers have not replaced our ability to get creative and find new ways to help you overcome the challenge!


While I want to take a few minutes today to talk about some of the unique ways we as sales reps can present our inventory, I believe it’s important to start by giving credit to our IT team. If you are reading this, chances are you are already aware that our easy-to-use, full-featured website plays an important part in helping buyers cut to the chase. Through our website, our developers have created the ability to sort inventory by stock quantity, category, subject, dollar value, binding, plus several more categories to make your job easier. As fantastic as these resources are, there are even more available to you if you utilize our customer service team and/or your sales representative. While we will always encourage you to review and purchase through our website, I hope this article brings to light a few additional ways that we can help you find titles you may not have seen when scrolling through our daily new arrivals.


To highlight some of the extensive data we have available to us, I’ve prepared some examples of lists we can create for you. Keep in mind that you are not limited to these options; you can actually request a list any time you think of a way you would like to review our inventory. Very seldom have we not been able to present product in the way it has been requested.


Previously Purchased Markdowns

If you are interested in reordering titles you have previously purchased, we can provide you with a list of books that have since been marked down in price. This “back in stock” list gives you an inside look at the change in pricing by flagging titles that have had a price reduction within the last three months.


Top Purchased Authors

One type of data we have access to is the quantity of titles you have purchased by any given author. If you have purchased 13 titles by the same author and we have 12 others by the same author in stock, there might be a chance you are interested in seeing them! We can even do this for you on a larger scale, by taking your top 25 (or even 50, if you want) purchased authors and running a search based on those authors’ names.


Requested ISBN Lists

Over time, we have discovered that some bookstores keep a list of ISBNs that they are always on the lookout for. The lists may consist of regional titles, top sellers, a list of titles from a particular category, etc. Rather than entering these ISBNs one at a time on our website to see what is available, we have the ability to paste the full list into our software to instantly create a list. The report can display the stock quantity for every title that is in our current inventory along with any other requested details.


To anyone who has not previously worked from a list and is uncertain of what they may look like, please see the example below. This is just one of the many formats of our lists, but no doubt is a good example worth sharing.


The Power of the List - Bargain Book Lists


For list inquiries, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated sales representative or our customer service team—we are happy to help and hope to make your search an easy one!


Paul Eccles

Book Depot

Sales Representative

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