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Paper Mill Press Classics

Introducing Paper Mill Press

Over the years as a sales rep, I’ve found that one of the more common product requests made by my customers is for classic novels. Whether it is Moby Dick, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or Dracula, there seems to be a constant demand for these stories that have stood the test of time. With most of our product generated from publishers’ excess stock, we see some of the classics come through our warehouse from time to time but never in quantities large enough to meet the demand of our customers.


Paper Mill Press Cover Photo

After internal discussions about what our customers are looking for and how we can better supply the needs of our market, the foundation of Paper Mill Press began to form. If we could not get the supply we needed for this sought-after product, maybe we should publish it ourselves!


Fast forward one year and Book Depot is excited to introduce you to our newest product addition—20 literary classics from Paper Mill Press. What we have set out to do is present timeless unabridged literary classics to a twenty-first century audience. Each original master work is reimagined into a sophisticated yet modern format with custom suede-like metallic foiled covers.


The 20 classic titles include:

Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland Dracula
Frankenstein Great Expectations
Jane Eyre Little Women
Pride and Prejudice Oliver Twist
Moby Dick Robinson Crusoe
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Sense and Sensibility
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Call of the Wild
The Great Gatsby The Jungle Book
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Wuthering Heights
The Last of the Mohicans Treasure Island


We could not be more pleased with the final product and are proud to stand behind this new venture for our company. Book Depot and its partner companies are the sole distributors of the Paper Mill Press Classics, and we hope you will be as excited as we are to carry these on your shelves as well!


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Rick Mechelse

Book Depot

Online Sales Manager

4 thoughts on “Introducing Paper Mill Press

  1. Images and descriptions appear to indicate that these are hard-cover but individual listings list them as paperback.
    Are the hard-cover editions?

    1. Thanks for the note Gary. The binding on the Paper Mill Classics is a Flexi cover. It has a suede like feel to it, and is similar to what you might find on journals. It is not a hard-cover.

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