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Man gives wrapped present to customer.

Take time to thank your customers

It’s that feel-good time of the year where gifts are exchanged, well wishes are spoken and holiday cheer is in abundance. We wanted to share with you our favorite viral videos that showcase the importance of treating your customer right. TD and WestJet both became internet sensations in the last few years for these incredible videos of saying “thanks” to their customers. Take a couple minutes to watch these tear-jerking and heart-warming videos to get some inspiration. By no means are we telling you to give free trips and tv to your customers left right and center, but keep in the mind how critical the opinion of your customers are to your business and how saying “thank you” in a small, unique way will instill a sense of loyalty and love towards your store.


WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving



Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou


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