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Import your isbns, check our stock, save your lists.

New Website Tool: Check Inventory

March 15, 2019

At Book Depot, our mission is to save you time and money by offering you the largest selection of high-margin books. However, we do realize that along with a large selection comes a lot more books to sort through when searching for the items you want, which takes time. That is why we have set a goal to create new tools for you on our website over the upcoming months that will help you to sort through our inventory in a faster and more efficient way.


Let us introduce the latest addition to the Book Depot website, the Check Inventory tool! Yes, you have always been able to check our inventory by entering an ISBN, title or author into our search bar one at a time, but this tool allows you to search up to 1,000 titles all at one time! You have the choice to either import in a list of ISBNs from Excel or paste a list directly into the text field. Once you import or paste that list, a viewable, customized, and shoppable list will immediately be generated for you to view. Comparing your book needs to our title selection has never been easier!


But wait—there’s more! Not only can you import these lists to compare and shop our inventory immediately, but you can also save the lists to your profile (as long as you are logged in) to view later. You can have as many as eight different lists saved to you profile at any given time, which allows you to check back and add to the list at a later date. If we have had the title before, whether it is currently in stock or not, it will show up on the list with our current quantity. Each time you log in, the quantity available will be updated to our current inventory levels. Gone are the days of searching for one ISBN at a time! Do you want to keep your adult titles separate from your kids’ titles? This tool now gives you the ability to do just that. Maybe you have multiple buyers for different categories? They can each create their own the Inventory Checker list!


How do you get to this new tool you may be asking? Once you are logged in, simply click on the Screenshot_47 icon at the top of the page and click Check Inventory to get started.


If you would like a brief tutorial on how to use this function, take a look at our video below.



This is the first of many new website tools that we will be launching over the next few months. We really hope you find this useful and it saves you time! If you have any questions or problems, please contact one of our customer service reps and they will be glad to assist you. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.

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