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New Book Depot Bestsellers Lists

April 26, 2019

In the book industry, the word “bestseller” is a powerful term. It is a word that catches our attention, gets us excited, and makes us take notice. Bestsellers typically get a place of honor and prominence, whether it is in a store setting or on a website. Retail sales rise on the wings of a host of bestsellers, but a lack of them can become a heavyweight that drags down revenue.

There is no shortage of bestseller lists available for you to peruse. Whether the list is issued by the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, American Booksellers Association, Barnes and Noble or Amazon, almost everyone is creating one these days and wants you to know what the public or their customers are buying. I am probably dating myself, but I remember as a youth paying attention to the Billboard Top 100 list or listening to Casey Kasem on Sunday evenings on the American Top 40 show to see where my favourite songs ranked. That seems like a bygone era now, but music, movies, and books have always had an enduring love affair with the lists and rankings which have been a catalyst for their sales and popularity.


Bestsellers at Book Depot

At Book Depot, we also value the importance of bestsellers and want to share that information with our customers. Navigating our massive inventory on our website can be a daunting task, which is why we have invested time in creating things like our custom list tools, new arrivals, regional lists, and a number of Book Depot bestseller lists. Currently, the bestsellers can all be found on our website under the Other tab, which is close to the top of the page underneath the Search box.

There are a number of bestsellers lists that we have created to try to cover as many market segments and areas of interest as possible. Our bestsellers lists include:


Market Segment Bestsellers


Category Bestsellers


Format Bestsellers


So how do we create these, you might ask? Quite simply, we let you—the customer—tell us what our bestsellers are. All of these lists are based on our customers’ buying patterns, and books that have the most unique purchases are the titles that are featured on each corresponding list. For instance, our Indie Bookseller Top 100 list is based on customers who have been identified as independent retailers and the books that these stores have purchased over the previous two-week period. Our main goal in creating these lists is to make sure the featured books are both relevant and current to several market segments, and hopefully we have achieved this goal!

Take a look at these lists and make them a regular stop on your visits to our website. By doing so, you can ensure that you will not miss any books that your contemporaries are purchasing.


With this new addition, hopefully we have put one more tool in your Book Depot toolbox!


Rick Mechelse

Online Sales Manager

Book Depot


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