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Why You Need to Go to an Industry Trade Show

December 19, 2018

A little advice to our customers: Here are 5 simple reasons why you can’t afford NOT to take time out of your busy schedule to go to an industry trade show.


1. Multiple resources in one location

It may seem easier to buy from one supplier from the convenience of your office, but are you going to get the best books or sidelines from a single source? Trade shows let you check multiple sources in just one or two days.


2. More books available to see

Book Depot alone will have 6,000 – 10,000+ titles for review. We work hard to make shopping easier for our customers. Our books are categorized and often themed for seasonal promotion ideas. Are you looking for new corrugate displays to set your main aisle? We can show you our display, fully merchandised! (Sorry everyone, this is not something we can set up during an office visit.)


3. You know what you are buying

Have you purchased what seemed to be the greatest item in the world off a list or the internet and then later realized it is not the size, version, or illustration you expected? Amazon ranks are not always an indication of what will sell in your store. Example: a cookbook has a great rank, but instead of featuring pictures of the food prep, it features selfies of the cook. This is not what your cookbook customers are looking for, and you can’t see this detail when shopping from a list.


4. Best Business-to-Business pricing

Competition is healthy. At a trade show we are competing for your business.


5. Find the “hot” item

Do you find yourself chasing the most-wanted items down maybe just a little too late? Trade shows are great opportunities to learn which direction the trends are leaning. Whether it is the next fidget spinner or adult coloring book, you will find it faster by actively shopping at the trade shows. The hottest item in the market rarely drops onto your desk without a little work.


In a nutshell, attending a trade show may be an investment of a couple of days that keeps you away from the office, but you can manage months of work in the two-day span. That is a savings of your time, and that’s good value!


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