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large and financially stable

Ownership of a large amount of warehouse space has always been part of the key to our success as a business. Today, we own two facilities with a combined square footage of over 600,000. Since we own our warehouses, our company has lower overhead and better cash flow. Our large space allows us to purchase enormous amounts of returns from publishers as they become available, and with our solid financial position you don’t need to be concerned about getting paid. We even provide aging options to help free up space in your warehouse prior to the books being sold in the secondary market.

specialists in breaking down hurts

We are unique because we sort every return pallet we purchase down to the title level; this ensures better control of your product in the marketplace. We manage and sell all product by ISBN, providing for detailed tracking of where a particular book is sold.

diverse customer base

Our extensive customer base includes mass merchants, independent booksellers, off-price retailers, non-book and closeout wholesalers, non-book retailers, and end consumers who purchase directly through our own retail website. This diversity of customers translates into better results for you, as we disperse your product across thousands of accounts so it enters the market seamlessly and prevents any interference with your primary market.

advanced technology and automation

Technology has always been at the forefront of our business. In the last seven years we completed a major rework of our distribution center to create a state-of-the-art facility that is unrivaled in the bargain book industry. As the first company to launch both a B2B and B2C website, we have raised the bar, both in terms of website functionality and more importantly, in regard to order accuracy (99.23% fill rate) and product quality. We have developed our own proprietary software for every aspect of the business from receiving to shipping and from web design to customer service. This gives us the flexibility not only to react to our customers’ ever-changing needs, but also to develop customized solutions for our publishing partners. With our technology, strong financial position, and automated DC, Book Depot is well positioned to be the leader in our industry for years to come.

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