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Book Art: Get People Talking About Your Store

Book Art

Creating something interesting in-store for people to talk about can increase foot traffic and chatter around your business! Book Art is a great way to achieve this!

Gerry Wikkerink, retired father (and avid woodworker!) of Book Depot CEO Wilf Wikkerink, built this book arch which serves as the entrance to our 40,000 square ft. retail store in St. Catharines, Ontario.  The arch has become the subject of many social media posts, contests, and creates an amazing impression for first time customers to the store. We also started a hashtag gallery that can be viewed here, in which customers who visit the store are encouraged to share their picture under our #bookportal.



Check out some other book art below that may seem a little elaborate at first, but use your creativity to see how you could install something on a smaller scale to your store and get your customers talking!


Book Art 1

Book Art 2

Book Art 3

Book Art 4

Book Art 5

Book Art 6

Book Art 7

Book Art 8

Book Art 9

Book Art 10

Book Art 11

Book Art 12


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